INKARD – Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine within Puszczykowo Hospital with 50 hospital beds’ facility and Outpatient Clinics possessing: Catheter Lab (angiography, PCL pacemaker/AICD/CRT implantation), access to the local endoscopy & surgical center, Echocardiography Lab, Device (PM/AICD/CRT) Control Lab, Urodynamics, Ultrasounds ’ Lab, Multiple/Serial ECGs Lab, access to the local Microbiology Laboratory, access to the local Clinical Laboratory, access to the local Radiology Dept. (RTG, CT, MRI), access to the local Pharmacy, Centrifuge, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Freezer (-2 to -8 centigrades),

Freezer (-70 C), Secure Drug Storage, Secure Record Retention,

Patient Recruitment Program facilities.

BRANDMED – outpatient clinic of approx. 10 000 sq/ft, facility located on the Polish/German bord er in Słubice/Frankfurt Oder possessing ECG, USG-Doppler, Echo, Holter facilities.

ALLMED – outpatients clinics in Poznań and in Plewiska possessing ECG, Echo, USG facilities.



INKARD Medical Group has an access to the widest group of patients covered by a public health insurance in Poland and in Germany.