Our Structure

  • INKARD Ltd. Lp., a suburban hospital with outpatient clinics located within the Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine in Puszczykowo Hospital in Wielkopolska region, near Poznań. INKARD mainly focuses on cardiologic studies, including interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. INKARD developed a strong cooperation with 10 rural hospitals in the area populated by 1 million inhabitants in a
    region of western Wielkopolska which facilitates in recruitment of patients.








  • BRANDMED, established by EUVERSITY Ltd., a private outpatient clinic located on the Polish/German border in Słubice/Frankfurt Oder. It is the first Polish/German medical center both in Słubice and in region. BRANDMED offers professional medical services on three main areas: rehabilitation and physiotherapy, medical consultations and medical diagnosis. Beyond, BRANDMED conducts constant preventive activities.








  • ALLMED, established by Foundation for Polish Medicine, private outpatients clinics located in Poznań and its suburbs, in Plewiska. ALLMED provides ambulatory medical services in cardiology, angiology, urology.